The Analytics Protocol

An open analytics framework that enables protocols to create new incentive models

Data Primitives
for any use case

Passport data primitives can be reused to build more complex calculations that are inserted into smart contract logic

Incentive mechanisms

Helping teams iterate on airdrops and liquidity incentives by measuring the user's marginal propensity to sell


Tracking on-chain governance activity to incentivize participation

Gaming & Metaverse

User scoring systems to drive in-game experience and rewards


Fostering healthy communities by recognizing and rewarding valuable contributors

Lending & Credit

Lowering collateral ratios to drive DeFi adoption and capital markets efficiency


Helping teams identify their most valuable supporters

Fully Composable

Every data primitive built on Passport Protocol can be mixed and matched to create new scores

On-chain security & immutability

Passport scores benefit from the security and immutability that comes from staying on-chain

Scoring that evolves

Composability of Passport primitives enable scoring to evolve with the constantly changing landscape

Free & Easy Implementation

Using Passport data primitives is completely free and integration is effortless

<5 minutes to integrate

Simply query any Passport smart contract to fetch scores for any wallets in real-time

Create custom data primitives

Passport Labs works closely with protocols to design primitives covering any on-chain criteria

Create new incentive models

Case Studies

Our partner protocols leverage Passport data primitives for a variety of use cases


Deciding initial token distribution

Partner I is leveraging LoyaltyScore to select the best wallets to airdrop to


Powering ongoing liquidity incentives

Partner II implements a boost on weekly LP rewards based on wallet interactions with past LP rewards


Determining IDO access

Partner III created custom logic to determine which wallets to give preferential access to upcoming IDOs

Create new incentive models